Sunday, 25 July 2010

Brooklyn brewery tour

We some excitement and a little trepidation we caught the subway to Brooklyn to visit a very special brewery. Brooklyn brewery has been on my must visit list since I first tasted the fantastic Brooklyn Lager a couple of years ago in Byron burgers, London.

I was gobsmacked, an American lager with flavour. Actually more flavour than a lot of European lagers! How naive I had been. A little more research showed me that the American brewing is one of the most forward thinking and innovative in the world and that a lot of new breweries in the UK have taken inspiration from this.
Anyway back to Brooklyn brewery. It seems that every bar and restaurant has a Brooklyn beer on their list. Here is their summer ale in the Metropolitan museum of art.

Situated near the first subway stop into Brooklyn this relatively new brewing facility also houses a busy bar amongst the bottling line which rocks along to loud music, delivered pizza and the whole range of Brooklyn beers.

By the time our tour had finished it was one in, one out and the queue for the bar was out the door. This brewery guy showed us into their small brewing area.

It was a short but very informative tour. The history of the brewery is very interesting. One of the founders was a middle east news correspondent and started brewing beer illegally in his hotel bathroom because of the no alcohol laws. He soon realised that the stuff he was brewing in his bath was better than the standard beer brewed back at home. When he came back to New York he found business partner, a head brewer and a cool logo and the rest is history. I found it a very inspiring story.

We stuck around long enough after the tour to buy a special bottle of the Belgian style Local 2 and a cool logo t-shirt.

Needless to say the beer was fantastic, we drank it in Chicago so as to compare it with the Goose Island beers.

More to come soon from New York, Chicago and Vegas Baby!

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