Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Pizzeria Due

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, we have been so busy and the iPhone keyboard is tricky to type quickly. I want to take my time over writing up WD50, Per Se and Babbo so I will give you a quick post on Chicago Pizza.

We arrived in Chicago from New York on the tiniest passenger plane I have been on and headed for our hotel. The seneca hotel is great and our room has a kitchen I'm it, I'm not kidding.

Most importantly it has a full size fridge, something we missed in New York. So we can keep fillings for sandwiches and beer cool. Nice.

We decided on this holiday to make sure we try as many foods that we couldn't get anywhere else. This meant that last night we had to have Chicago Pizza for dinner. We found Pizzeria Due and went in to see if they had a table.

The system for table reservations in Due is great. On a busy night you order the pizza pie in advance and then wait for a table to become available. This is because the pie takes 45 minutes to bake. You can wait almost anywhere for your table, they call for you over a tannoy system with speakers outside, on the patio, at the bar and even in the 'restroom'. Claire and I waited at the bar where we had a beer each. I had a Sam Adams summer ale and Claire had a Sam Adams lager.

The beer on this trip is getting better and better. Both beers were excellent. We were called to our table and waited for our pizza with a hefty slice of garlic bread with cheese.

The tomato sauce that came to with the garlic bread was fresh and tasty, the bread was doughy, cheesy but not much garlic.

Next came the main event, the pizza. I should explain to those who don't know that a chicago pizza is not the same as an Italian or even New York pizza. It's cooked in a deep sided pan with a thick crispy base (and sides). It's layered thickly with mozzarella, then huge trunks of your meat of choice( we had sausage) and topped with a rich tomato sauce. This is what a quarter looks like in the pan.

And this is what the layers look like,

The other factor that makes it different to a thin crust pizza is the ability of this thing to fill you up. Claire and I shared a small which was about 10" and we were stuffed by the end. We would usually have a thincrust 12" pizza each at home!

We thoroughly enjoyed our first deep dish Chicago pizza, but we both decided it may be a while before we try one again. The thing is just so dense and heavy even if it's truly delicious.

We promise to get back on the fine dining tip ASAP but tonight we dine on steak. and I think I may go LARGE.

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