Saturday, 17 July 2010

Jean Georges part 2

Dessert time at Jean Georges. Ever since reading Johnny Iuzzini's book, Dessert Fourplay, I have longed to visit Jean Georges and this was the main reason it was on our list of must visit restaurants in New York. Each dessert he creates is 4 miniatures based on a theme. I chose 'Cherry' and Sam chose 'Garden'. Cherry included an amazing traditional cherry and almond clafoutis, a cherry stuffed with white chocolate ice-cream, again very tasty, a cherry cola which made me grin like a child (also delicious) and the only part I didn't enjoy which was stewed cherries with a chicory foam topping but mainly because I'm not a fan of chicory. Sam loved this one. I was thrilled with my dessert and it finished off our nearly perfect meal wonderfully.
Sam's garden dessert had a root beer float type drink which was a bit weird, a pea shoot sorbet based dessert and chocolate dessert with blackcurrant leather.
He had a glass of Riesling with this delightful spread.We were very surprised when our waiter brought us a special dessert of creme caramel with a pastry twist and this decorated biscuit on top.

Somehow they had found out that this is our honeymoon and brought us this as a special end to our meal.

Pictures will be added later to this section so we'll just leave you with this beauty.

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