Thursday, 15 July 2010

Le Bernardin

We went to the fish restaurant Le Bernardin last night. First impressions are that this place holds itself in quite high regard. In fact I feel a little underdressed and this is the first time
I've ever HAD to wear a jacket to dinner. (The second time will be tonight at Jean georges). Nowhere in London we've been to requires one. This was a muggy hot night and the jacket was uncomfortable, Claire suggested I take it off, so I did and hung it on the back of my chair. Quick as a flash a waiter ran over and told me I was required to put it back on! So I was helped back into my jacket. As you can imagine this made me even hotter!
After a little confusion over the wine list and tasting we chose the 7 course tasting menu and a bottle of Long Island Sauvignon Blanc. We started with a yellowfin tuna carpaccio, which was laid beautifully over a slice of crisp slice of baguette covered with foie gras and chives. This was delicious, not least because the crisp bread with chives and lemon dressing tasted to me of pickled onion monster munch! Second course was grilled octopus with a black bean sauce. I could leave it there. But I'll just tell you it was nice...very rich and Claire and I are wooses. I ate all mine like a man but the suckers made me feel a little queasy. I ate Claire's too! Next up was a warm lobster ceviche with endive (chicory to you Brits) again this was delicious the endive adding a crisp bitterness to the rich luxuriant sweetness of the lobster. Then it was a so so striped bass dish. Next was my favourite (and claire's least) surf and turf. It was white tuna with wagyu beef. The beef and tuna were both perfectly cooked but while I found the salty anchovy sauce a fine accompaniment to the beef Claire found the whole
dish over seasoned. Even I will admit by the end I was chugging down the water.
After this was a nonevent of raspberry and tomato pre desert before Pistachio Mousse, Roasted White Chocolate, Lemon, Cherry. This was a very special dessert which we
paired with some great dessert wines. A delicious end to quite a stuffy meal! We disappeared into the balmy night, jacket safely removed. I even managed to take this great photo outside the restaurant. You can just see the top of Claire's head!

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Location:New York

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Anonymous said...

You should've put your foot down and told him to back off - you wore a jacket to get in, surely it's not compulsory to eat with it? Dorks. Can't stand sniffy restaurant staff.

Hope the Monster Munch was nice.