Friday, 16 July 2010

New York Public Library

Needless to say, as a librarian, I had to drag Sam along to the New York Public Library which I always remember fondly from Ghostbusters. Imagine my overwhelming disappointment when we arrived to find the exterior covered in scaffolding.

We joined them for an hour long
tour of the building which was very spectacular and my British Library Colleagues will be astounded to hear that they still use paper request tickets and have a separate room for the OPAC.

The library is a beautiful building built from materials from all over the world: marble from Greece, floor tiles from Wales and a lot of American money.
They have some very rare collections including one of the first copies of the declaration of
Independence and Charles Dickens' desk and chair.
Alas Sam didn't find the librarian ghost. SSSHHHHHHH!!!!


Tanya said...

Blimey, you'd think New Yorker BL readers would be more appreciative of SoC wouldn't you Claire?! I am v jealous of you getting to go to the NYPL though, even if it is covered in scaffolding.

However, I hope you and Sam realise I can never, ever forgive you for eating rabbit.....!

Hope you're having a lovely time, see you in 2354 weeks or whenever it is you're back.
Tanya x

Sasa said...

My best friend is a librarian, gonna send her this post, sure she'll love it ^_^

Jada C said...

This is grreat