Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Claire's top 10 cookbooks

When I wrote up my top ten books it caused some consternation from a few people not least Claire who has her own, very well defined list of books.

So here they are in no particular order (apart from number one which at the moment is Claire's all time favourite), some are the same as mine, most aren't. All of the following text is by Claire

Jamie At Home;

Lovely book to look at, great programme to watch (I own the DVDs too), and not a bad recipe yet.

French Laundry;

Despite being rather intimidating, I have attempted a few recipes from this book.  Each one has been incredibly easy to follow, and has turned out amazingly well.

How to be a Domestic Goddess;

I have made a large number of the recipes in this book.  All have had outstanding results.  All of this despite my hatred for the woman.


A lovely read, and the recipes are all really straightforward, with fantastic results

Delia's Complete Cookery Course;

A go-to reference when I'm stuck on or unsure of any 'classic' recipes

Leith's Vegetable Bible;

Good for inspiration - especially when a glut of courgettes/tomatoes/turnips/squash comes our way.

Dessert Fourplay;

I think I wish I was Johnny Iuzzini (maybe without the tattoos).  One day I will get up the courage to attempt some of his beautiful recipes.  In the meantime I will swoon over the pictures.

The Return of the Naked Chef;

I love most of Jamie's books, but this is the second entry in the top ten purely for his 'Fantastic Fish Pie'.


A beautiful book to browse through, but I've yet to make anything from it....

Nigel Slater's Real Food

One of the first cookery shows I ever watched and enjoyed on TV.  I love the book and his style of cooking.  Appetite is probably a better book in terms of number of recipes/quality of the read, but this is my favourite.


Claire said...

yay, I'm glad I finally managed to narrow it down to ten. But there's a few I'm sure on a different day might have snuck in.

Amelia PS said...

I own a few of these. Still swooning on the rest (in my holiday wish list!!!)