Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lunch from Acton Market and dinner: risotto stuffed round courgettes.

I've still got lots of US restaurants to write up but in the mean time I'll tell you about lunch and dinner today.

My friend Tom has a stall at Acton Market where he sells his "seasonal, inspired foods" which he cooks himself. Some of my colleagues and I popped down to see him today and to buy our lunch. We bought quite a few of these satisfying and moreish seasonal vegetable pies. They were laden with fresh courgettes and parmesan and we kept going back for just one more!

The stars of the show for me were the range of Brutti ma buoni biscuits made both traditionally with hazelnuts and as an alternative with almonds. There was also a chocolate and nuts version and some lemon bicsuits.
The almond and hazelnuts biscuits were sweet, nutty and crisp. So I bought a box of each and they are going down  very well both at work and at home the lighter almond being my favourite.

A far better lunch than the usual from the Hammersmith Hospital canteen, I would advise anyone in the area on a Thursday or Saturday to drop by and pick up some of these treats!

Tonight for dinner we needed to use up some more seasonal produce that had come our way from a number of sources. So I made a turnip and carrot risotto,

hollowed out two round yellow courgettes

stuffed them with the risotto

and baked them for 30 mins

A very satisfying dinner! Thanks must go to Frances at the British Library for the spectacular round courgettes and to Claire's mum for the turnips.


Unknown said...

Thank for your write up, Sam! Those "Brutti ma Buoni" biscuits still give me cooking challenges, but I am getting ever closer to conquering the details of the procedure. They have a mind of their own!
I did not have enough time to get the savoury veg pies done today for tomorrow, but I will certainly have them regularly on the market (and vary them seasonally).
(Risotto-stuffed courgettes look tasty.)

Su-Lin said...

Oh hey, I saw your friend Thomas one of those days! (I live nearby). Best of luck to him with his stall!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much Su-Lin!