Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Maltese Galletti

I'm a keen collector of cookbooks and I try to pick up a local book from the places I go on holiday. Whilst on holiday in my mother in law's home country, Malta, I picked up a great little book from olive oil producer Matty Cremona.

 One of the recipes in Cooking with Maltese Olive Oil is for the ubiquitous Maltese savoury biscuit, galletti.
These tasty, puffed up little biscuits are cheaply available in their Malta and even the book says that no one makes their own any more.

 But as I rarely visit Malta and I wanted to try some of the recipes from the book I decided to give them a go.

The recipe uses a quantity of olive oil and I thought it would be a good opportunity to use up one of those flavoured oils I always get for Christmas.

 It's a pizza-like dough made with semolina and strong bread flour,

Roll it out really thin... it helps to divide the dough up. Into my four different sections of dough I mixed in, ground pepper, dried oregano, sesame seeds, or caraway seeds.

Then roll the dough out even thinner. Then thinner again, until you think it's too thin.
 Cut it into rounds with a cookie cutter and prick with a fork to stop them puffing up too much in the oven.

Then pop them in a hot oven and watch as they puff up and brown.
These are one of the best biscuits to have with cheese but I made so many that I have a couple of other recipes I'm going to try to use them up 

Edit: I've now been asked by two friends to put the recipe up so here it is. If anyone makes this recipe please let me know in the comments section. Please tell me in the comments how they turn out.


200g Plain Flour (I used strong bread flour)
150g Semolina (extra for Kneading)
4 Tablespoons olive oil (I used the flavoured oil)
Large pinch of salt
One Sachet instant yeast
200mL Warm water
Flavourings e.g. coarsely ground black pepper, caraway, oregano or toasted sesame seeds

Sieve flour into a large bowl, add the salt and oil, rubbing the oil into the flour. When combined add the semolina. Add the yeast. You can add the flavourings now or after dividing the dough.  Then stirring as you go, add the water bit by bit until you have enough to make a dough. Knead the dough well until smooth.  Cut into manageable portions and roll out VERY thinly, I sprinkle a little more sea salt over the dough at this point. Cut rounds from the dough with a cookie cutter and prick with a fork once in the middle to stop them rising too much in the oven. Put them on semolina-dusted baking sheets and bake at gas mark 6 until they are golden brown.  I found this took about 10-12 mintues but keep a very careful eye on them. Burnt galletti are crapletti. Repeat with the other half of the dough.

Enjoy the galletti with cheese, dips or on their own as a snack


catty said...

Wow these look like simple, fresh and tasty biscuity things! Sounds delicious :)

Sam said...

Thanks Catty,

Yep they are really good. I am still enjoying them now with a lump of cheddar on them as they have kept so well in the tin. I shouldn't find this surprising as I have seen them described as ship's biscuits!

Sasa said...

Make your own crackers, go you! I don't think I7ve ever made anything crackery except cheese twists, I can see myself doing it and feeling rather accomplished in my near future.

Claire said...

Will there be any more Malta posts?

Anonymous said...

Yes, more posts about Malta please!! Thank you for the inspiration.

tornatna said...

I absolutely love these - I used to make them and lost the recipe - thanks for reminding me once again.