Sunday, 1 January 2012

Favourite blogs of 2011

As a sort of end of year list I thought I would mention a few blogs which have entertained and informed over the past twelve months.

There have been a number of good beer blogs I have started following this year.

One of which is The Beer Monkey
New to me this year, the Beer Monkey has entertained me with their straight to the point, no bullshit beer reviews and commentary

Another excellent blog I discovered this year is The Petit Four.
Emily is an American living in Belgium and her blog is a diary of her life there which tends to include a beer or two. I think Emily is one of the best beer reviewers currently online, I would liken her style and quality to Adrian Tierney Jones. Not only that but her recipes are always inspiring and well thought out.

Rabid Barfly
Glyn Roberts is the manager of the Rake, probably the first craft beer bar in London, certainly paving the way for Cask, Euston tap and the bloody Brewdog bar. Following his thoughts on beer and life can be refreshing and sometimes exhausting. In particular his drinking diary from last January was an illuminating look into the life of a beer fanatic's liver.

Ghost Drinker
This newbie beer blogger works at Beer Ritz, Zak Avery's beer shop in Leeds. I love his enthusiasm and unpretentious beer reviews from the point of view of the punters. Good work Ghosty, keep it up.

I don't follow many wine blogs but here are a few I do

 Wine with Christina and Brunellos have more fun
These two ladies produce the lovely wine podcast, The Crush, which entertains me once a week on my way to work. Informative and funny, Whitney is in California and Christina is an American in London and their blogs are equally good.

The other wine blog I follow is from the veteran wine writer and multi talented good guy Tim Atkin. Not only is he a Saturday morning wine expert but he's pretty good at photography and not half bad on the guitar! He also taught me a lot of what I know about wine so I am kind of biased but I do trust his opinion about the grape.

Most of my google reader account is taken up with food blogs and it would take an age to sort the wheat from the chaff, but one blog that always stands out for me is:

Ideas in food
I've been following Alex and Aki's modernist food blog for a few years now but I think this year they have upped their game. Following the release of their excellent book there have been daily posts with links to archive posts from the past five years. This means that every day there are six inspirational ideas, recipes, reviews or photos to lighten your day.

And for a bit of media and politics fun I like to have a daily catch up on the following.

The Angry Mob for highlighting the ridiculous and disgusting exploits of much of the press in the UK

Zelo Street  for his entertaining viewpoint on political blogging.

One last special mention goes to my favourite political blogger, Left Eye Right Eye  whose thought provoking analysis shows that good quality, well thought out writing is possible on a blog and Lou does so with great success.


rabidbarfly said...

wow thanks! Good to know people find my blog exhausting, makes me feel like people are listening!

Sam said...

Hi Glyn, Glad you didn't take offence. Like I said I really enjoy the blog. And I really enjoy the Rake too.

rabidbarfly said...

skin too thick and belly too big to take offence Sam! Like I said, if people find it exhausting I feel like it's a compliment.
I Will be reading your blog with interest this year! More voices shouting about good beer the better!

Sam said...

Thanks Glyn, that certainly gives me more incentive to keep going. I really need to check out the Tap East.

Emily said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for such a lovely write-up about The Petit Four! I'm embarrassingly late in discovering this thanks to work concerns, but this was such a delight - thank you! I've enjoyed getting to discover your (and Claire's!) work as well!

Sam said...

Hi Emily, I'm glad you caught up with my post. I really enjoy your updates. We are hoping to visit Brussels this year for the food/beer festival. I'll keep an eye out for the places you've mentioned.