Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Adnams Spirit of Broadside

Eau De Vie de Biere. It sounds like a good idea. No, it sounds like a great idea and this pioneering Spirit of Broadside has been a been long time coming.

It's been on the cards since Adnams installed the distillery at their brewery in Southwold and finally the wait is over. The spirit is distilled from their flagship strong ale, Broadside, and matured in Russian oak for twelve months. 

The sample bottle was opened with a pop and as instructed I poured a finger with a splash of water and took a big sniff.

After the hit of alcohol comes banana, apple and pear, dried fruit and wood. 

Now to taste: at first I was disappointed with the lack of apparent malt and hop character although there was a ton of dried fruits with wood and spiciness. After a few sips, the honeyed malts of the broadside start to appear from under the wood, then a hint of grassy hop bitterness follows. The further down the glass I get the more I'm enjoying it. The lovely malt flavours linger on the palate and make this a very successful attempt to produce a truly unique spirit. 

This is definitely a bottle to consider alongside quality whiskies and I think the most successful product to come from the Adnams distillery yet. A lovely warming drink, ideal for the terrible June weather we are currently having.

Many thanks to Adnams for sending me the very cool sample bottle package. 

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beersiveknown said...

sounds ideal, mikkeller has done something similar with his "black"