Monday, 22 October 2012

Beer of the week: Adnams Ghost Ship (in a can!)

This is the first blog post in our beer of the week series. In this series we will review and discuss a beer that we have drunk this week. This won't always be a beer we love or even like but we will be honest and objective in our reviews.

The first beer we are reviewing is Adnams Ghost ship from the can. We tasted a bottle of this back in May at the Beer Bloggers Conference so it was interesting to see if the vibrant citrussy hops would transfer to the canned version.

I have always felt that canned ales have something odd about them, an extra caramel character that is not
entirely welcome. Perhaps it is something about the pasteurisation or maybe just my preconceptions but it was certainly something I tasted with Ghost Ship. The malt character seemed to overtake the hops, gone were the light lemony characters I tasted first time round and instead there was summer fruits, like a field of strawberries. It is of course a very drinkable beer and far more enjoyable than Adnams' lacklustre lower alcohol effort, Sole Star.

It it good to see Adnams putting their beer in cans. For too long there has been a bit of snobbery about beer in a can and putting good beer in cans is the only way to persuade the doubters. Ultimately though, I would buy Ghost Ship in a bottle where I think it's real character comes through and the American hops shine.

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