Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wine of the week: The Doctors Sauvignon Blanc

As a partner series to our Beer of the Week we will be reviewing our wine of the week. We will review and discuss a wine that we have drunk that week. This won't always be a wine we love but we will be honest and objective in our reviews.

This year we have noticed a growing trend for lower alcohol wine. It seems like every wine company is bringing out a sauvignon blanc or riesling that is supposed to appeal to a market that watching the calories and alcohol. This is a great idea as long as the lower alcohol doesn't impact the flavour.

The first wine we are reviewing for this series is a low alcohol sauvignon blanc from Malborough, New Zealand. The Doctors' sauvignon blanc is 9.5% is from the Forrest Estate and is the result of experimentation with careful fruit selection. 

The sweetness of the wine is unavoidable and may not to be to your taste if you are expecting a dry NZ style sauvignon. There is a bags of fruit, though and a refreshing acidity that cuts through that sugar. I was more impressed with Invivo's low alcohol Sauvignon, Bella, which caught more of the essence of the sauvignon fruit but with less sugar than The Doctors'. I think this wine has its place and would be perfect for a summer lunch or picnic. I am interested to try the Doctors' low alcohol Riesling which is a more traditional grape for making low alcohol wines. 

The Doctors' is available from Adnams Cellar and Kitchen and most supermarkets priced at £9.99.


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