Monday, 5 November 2012

Beer of the week: Thornbridge Chiron

On a recent work trip to Brighton, Claire popped into one of our favourite beer shops, the inaccurately named Trafalgar Wines, and bought me amongst others a bottle of Thornbridge Chiron.

The brewery have been making consistently good beers since 2005 and are admired for their innovation and quality. Their flagship IPA, Jaipur, is a powerful expression of the style but at 5.9% doesn't meet the requirements of a session beer!

Chiron is a billed as an American Pale Ale and in many ways lives up to the title. The crisp American hops provide plenty of fruity tangerine and lemon but it still has a British quality of satisfying warmth from a pillow of sweet maltiness. This is a beer you can drink when its bigger brother, Jaipur, would be too strong.

Refreshing, satisfying, another excellent beer in the Thornbridge family. 

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