Sunday, 30 December 2012

Beer of the Week: Goose Island Lolita

Goose Island make some very good Belgian style beers so we were very interested to taste their version of   framboise, Lolita. It's a strong wild yeast fermented ale aged in French oak with 50lb fresh raspberries.

Those raspberries are very apparent in its cloudy red colour and its sharp sherberty aroma. When you taste it the woody oak flavour gives a strong backbone that accomplishes the amazing feat of tasting fresh and aged at the same time.

This is typical of proper Belgian lambic fruit beers but Lolita is heavier on the raspberry than expected with an almost jammy sweeter taste, which is fizzed out with a sherbert freshness at the end.

This is a good representation of the style but at over £15 for a 660mL bottle you could also think about a cheaper Belgian framboise or kriek.

Lolita is available from beermerchants and

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