Monday, 14 January 2013

Beer of the Week: Estrella Inedit

This is an unusual beer. A wheat beer from Spain brewed by a multi award winning modernist Chef. For over twenty years Ferran Adria forged a brand new form of cuisine in his restaurant, El Bulli. When you've won best restaurant in the world five years in a row and inspired a whole generation of chefs what else is there to do? Well it turns out that the next thing to do is get together with the brewery, Estrella Damm and attempt to brew the perfect beer to go with food.

To beer lovers this could be seen as quite patronising. We all know that most beer styles are excellent with food. We don't need a fancy pants chef to brew a special dining beer do we?

It's only fair to give the beer a chance to impress, so we got a few bottles in for Christmas. It's a wheat beer brewed with orange peel, coriander and liquorice.

You'll notice when you pour a glass that it has the head, aroma and taste of a Belgian wheat beer. It smells like a wheaty peach tea and has a pleasant enough lingering lemony tang in the finish. It's not a knock your socks off beer but easy drinking for every day refreshment. Which kind of goes against its overblown marketing which claims this is an extra special beer for sommeliers to advise for food.

You can get Estrella Damm Inedit in supermarkets and other beer retailers.

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