Monday, 28 January 2013

Beers of the Week: Dark and Light Lagers from IKEA

The one was a bit of a surprise - IKEA are now selling their own beer. We spotted these bottles on our last visit and decided we had to give them a go, especially at the bargain price of £1.75 each.

Ikea beers, not quite flat pack.

The Öl Ljus (Lager) pours nicely, but as feared was light struck - this wasn't immediately obvious on the nose, but was very pronounced on the taste. If they are able to put the dark lager in a brown bottle why oh why didn't they do it for the blond lager. It is obviously designed to taste like a bog standard lager, and achieves this very well with a dull flavour but lively carbonation.

The Öl Mörk (Dark Lager) is a bit better. It pours (and looks) like a porter with a thin head. It doesn't reveal much on the nose, but to taste it is far sweeter, with cola flavours, some hoppy bitterness and slight notes of roasted coffee. All in all a fair effort.

It was interesting to try both of these, but the consensus on both was they weren't much to write home about, and we don't think we'd buy them again. We'll stick to the hotdogs in future!

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