Sunday, 27 January 2013

Old Manchester one year on.

A year ago I bunked off work, jumped on a bus to Chiswick and bought three bottles of Old Manchester, a collaboration beer between Marble and John Keeling, head brewer at Fullers. You can read what I thought about it then as well as an interesting interaction with a friend regarding drinking vessels.

I said then that I would taste the other two bottles after one and two years. So now, a year on from that original post, I'm opening the second bottle of Old Manchester. And you know what? I think it tastes exactly the same as it did a year ago. I was expecting some development in the malt or hop character but no. It still tastes fresh with impressive power from the British hops and a rich sweet toffee. It's a little medicinal in a good way and maybe this fleeting flavour is a sign of development through age.

So I've decided to leave it another two years before opening the third bottle. I'm want some more dried fruit, some nutty sherry and much more of that herbally medicine flavour. Check back in here in a couple of years to see if my wishes are granted.

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