Monday, 13 May 2013

Beer of the week - Brewdog Torpedo Los!

For my birthday, we visited the fantastic Lichtenstein retrospective at the Tate Modern last week. If you get the chance make sure you get there before it finishes in a few weeks time. I remarked as we walked around that Lichtenstein's bold use of primary colours and comic book aesthetics make for a visually satisfying experience. My favourite section of the exhibition is the section of Lichtenstein's homages to masterpieces by the likes of Picasso,Van Gogh and Mondrian.

In celebration of this exhibition at the Tate Modern, Brewdog have produced a pale ale named after a Lichtenstein classic, Torpedo Los! On the label Brewdog modestly liken themselves to the artist claiming to be revolutionaries creating abstract beers. I was going to make some less complimentary comparisons by talking about copying classics using a primary palette and broad brush strokes but then thought it might come across like a piece of GCSE art history homework. Instead I'll talk about the beer.

It's a very good beer in the US pale ale style with a little bit of red rye to give it some colour and composition. The US hops are fresh with piney greens and bright yellow lemon zest. Good structure comes from a solid malt canvas. In fact the broad strokes used in the creation of this beer are impressive for one designed to be sold in an art gallery. This beer isn't a masterpiece but it's far more than just a pretty label, so well played to Brewdog, more like this please. 

The Lichtenstein exhibition is on until the 29th May so hurry to see it before it closes. It's well worth the trip.
The Beer is available in bottle at the Tate Modern and on tap in the Brewdog bars. 

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