Sunday, 25 August 2013

Summer Cocktails - Gabriel Boudier Crème de Pêche

Crème de Pêche is probably one of least known of the fruit liquers in the UK, but has been one of my favourites ever since we were offered a Kir Pêche over a leisurely lunch in Lyon a few years ago. We were instantly smitten, and spent the rest of the afternoon locating a wine shop which sold it so we could take some home with us.

Gabriel Boudier have recently launched a range of miniatures from their range, which consists of peach, blackberry, blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry varieties, and which inspired me to try some summery cocktails for the Bank Holiday weekend. For cocktail recipes try the Gabriel Boudier website, as well as which has a very impressive array (in French).

A fruity, refreshing version of a gin and tonic with added pineapple juice and Crème de Pêche. The peach liquer brings a freshness and slight sweetness to the cocktail. It's sweet with sherbet characteristics, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, summery and zingy.

A delicious deviation from a Sex on the Beach, a vibrant peach in colour. Made with the Crème de Pêche, vodka, cranberry and orange juices. This is a dryer, less sweet cocktail but still with peachy back notes, and a tropical taste. You get a boozy vodka coming through in the background, which means it tastes fruity and almost spicy somehow. This tastes like summer, and is really refreshing.

Kir Pêche


The best use of Crème de Pêche is with champagne in a classic Kir Pêche. Just a teaspoon in the bottom of the glass and topped up with fizz, the exotic hint of peach lightens the champagne to create this delicious and refreshing summer cocktail.

Bonus Cocktail - Bramble 

I love a Bramble, so had to include this even though I associate it more as an evening drink than a summery cocktail. A simple gin cocktail, the Crème de Mure and lemon juice both lift and sweeten the gin, make this a thoroughly drinkable tipple. 

So what will you be drinking this Bank Holiday weekend?

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