Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Guest reviews on the Croydonist

Hi readers! It's been a long time with no updates so we to make up for this here are some reviews that we have been writing for our friends at the Croydonist, who write about all that's fun and interesting about our home borough. We love shouting about Croydon and we felt that it was the perfect place to share our love of the great food here and here are the first three pieces we've written. Do have a look through the rest of the site to discover food, art and culture from Croydon.

First up here is a review of one of the best places to get Vietnamese food in Croydon, Cat Ba Island.

Back in May we shared our favourite place to get Indian food, Karnavar.

Then we went for pizza at 500 Degrees. Possibly the finest crusts to be had in our wonderful town.

We will carry on writing reviews for the Croydonist and share them here too.
All pictures are by The Croydonist.